Spotify Premium For Students | Is It Affordable?

Music streaming services are revolutionizing the music industry by empowering artists and enthusiasts. Users can access music spanning countries and genres at their fingertips; on the other hand, artists can expand their horizons to a global scale and find new streams to generate revenue. The listener is also a central character with algorithmic personalizations tailoring music recommendations per your preference. 

Spotify Premium For Students

Spotify has quickly become synonymous with music streaming. Spotify does offer a free application with an intuitive layout and stellar features, but free plans generally have limitations, and people prefer subscription plans. So why should people who live and breathe music not get in on the fun? And yes, we are talking about students. Whether preparing for a final or writing an essay that won’t end, you know music is your best friend. In this report, we will explore Spotify Premium for students. Let us delve right in. 

Spotify Premium For Students | About Spotify

Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in 2006. The Spotify website and app was formally launched in 2008, and it has since completely changed how we interact with music. It has become one of the largest music streaming platforms. 

The service offers over 100 million tracks, 5 million podcast titles, and 350,000 audiobooks to choose from and has amassed around 602 million monthly users and 236 million subscribers. Spotify’s mission is to provide music and create an intuitive user interface that is easy to use and features to make sure you discover music you like. Spotify is also a climate-conscious organization currently striving to achieve net zero emissions. 

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Features of Spotify

Spotify stays relevant among music enthusiasts through unique features and exciting, data-driven and exciting updates. When you think you know what Spotify offers, there is more. Here are some of Spotify’s most popular features.

  • Discover Music: Discovering music is made easy with Discover Weekly, which is a playlist of 30 songs that the user has previously streamed. So you are in for a ride, and maybe you will find your new favorite songs. 
  • Daily Mixes: Spotify creates personalized playlists based on your listening habits. 
  • Collaborative Playlists: You can create playlists with friends and family and combine unique music preferences to create the perfect road trip playlist. All the collaborators can add music with ease.
  • Spotify Connect: You can integrate your music across several devices and change it to whichever device you want with a single tap.
  • Sharing Music: You can easily share music on any messaging or social media platform. 
  • Lyrics: Spotify offers lyrics to most soundtracks so you can read along.
  • Spotify Wrapped: Individual users’ data-driven showcase of top tracks, genres, and artists is a highly anticipated event. 

Is Spotify free?

Spotify does offer its entire catalog for free, but there is a catch. This version of Spotify supports ads, so your listening will frequently interrupted by advertisements. You can also not skip songs more than a few times and only listen to playlists in shuffle mode. The quality is also lower, with 128 kbps on the web player and 160 kbps on the desktop and mobile app, and you need a stable internet connection to enjoy music, and offline listening is not supported.

Why to get Spotify Premium?

Frequent ads kill the vibe of those particular about their music and do not like to break their immersion. But if you think ads are not a problem for you, you may change your mind when you see the list of features and additional benefits of Spotify Premium.

  • No ads: No more pesky ads breaking your flow while listening to your favorite artists.
  • Offline listening: You can download songs or entire albums or playlists to listen on the go. With premium plans, you can download over 10,000 tracks across five devices. 
  • Audio quality: Well-trained ears can easily pick up the difference 320 kbps makes. 
  • Customizable order: Listening to your favorite tracks repeatedly is possible with Spotify Premium.
  • Unlimited skips: Unlike the six skips per hour restriction of the free version, you can skip as many times as you want.
  • Real-time listening with friends: Connect with your friends through music, as you can listen to the same tunes simultaneously, regardless of your device’s location.
  • Create listening queues: You can customize what you want to listen to next by having the freedom to add songs and reorder them.
Spotify Premium for students

Spotify Premium For Students

Spotify Premium is not free for students but will surely be the next best thing. Keeping in mind the broke college student, Spotify Premium Student is a discounted plan that costs around half the price of the regular individual plans, which is $5.99 per month instead of the $10.99 for individual plans. Proof of enrollment at an accredited higher institution makes you eligible for this deal. The only difference between a student plan and other premium plans is the price, so you know you are not compromising on any features.

How to get Spotify Premium Student?

  • Open the Spotify Student page through the link, or you can Google the keyword ‘Spotify Student’ to find the Spotify page.
  • The Spotify Student page gives you a brief rundown of the plan’s features. To continue, locate the ‘Get Premium’ or ‘Get Started’ button.
  • If one already exists, this will direct you to log in to your Spotify account. 
  • The next page will be the Student Verification by SheerID, a third-party service. Tap on the Next button on the page.
  • You must now enter your information, such as your country, school, first and last name, date of birth, and email address.
  • To accept the terms and conditions, check the box and tap ‘Next’ to continue.
  • You may be required to provide some school-issued document containing your name, enrollment date, and school name for further verification. Accepted documents are IDs, tuition receipts, etc.
  • Drag and drop your files to submit them for verification.
  • You will be directed to a new page if eligible for the student premium plan. Tap on ‘Get Student Discount’ to get the offer.
  • This will direct you to a page where you can finish the payment.
  • Pay through your chosen payment method and start listening to your favorite tunes. 
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FAQs | Spotify Premium For Students

Is Spotify Premium free for students?

Spotify Premium does offer a free trial, but the student plan is not for free.

How much does Spotify Premium cost for students?

Spotify Premium Student costs around half the price of Indivial plans. Students need to pay $5.99 per month to avail themselves of the full range of benefits of Spotify Premium.

Can I use Spotify Student forever?

Spotify Student can be used for the duration of your course, but as renewal and re-verification are required every 12 months, you will not be eligible for the student plan once you’re no longer enrolled in the program.

Conclusion | Spotify Premium For Students

Audiophiles everywhere love Spotify; if they love anything more, it is Spotify Premium. Spotify Premium offers an irresistible set of features for an uninterrupted listening experience with plenty of customization options. The student plan makes this feat possible for college students on a tight budget. 

It offers all the features for half the price, so if you are currently enrolled in a degree course, you should not wait any longer. We hope to have provided insight into the Spotify Student plan and the procedure for getting one for yourself. If you have any further queries, please reach out to us. We appreciate your visit.

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