Last fm Not Scrobbling | Here’s How To Fix It

With millions of active users worldwide, is a platform that has been operational for more than ten years. Users may interact with other fans and listen to their desired music while discovering new artists. Users may monitor their listening history across many platforms and devices with the Scrobbling function, which gives them a thorough picture of their musical preferences. 

Last fm Not Scrobbling

Additionally, provides tailored suggestions based on their listening preferences, making it simpler to find new music they’ll enjoy. We discussed Last fm Not Scrobbling and some problems people encounter when utilizing the service. To learn more, keep reading.

Last fm Not Scrobbling | What is Scrobbling?

A software called Scrobbling records your listening patterns and publishes them to your account. This enables users to recommend music to one another, construct their own personalized radio stations based on their interests, and discuss their musical inclinations. Additionally, it offers comprehensive information on your listening patterns, including the artists and genres you most commonly listen to, and the times of day you prefer to listen.

Last fm


A free “scrobbler” music player plug-in called focuses on producing song suggestions. It uses Windows Media Player, iTunes, and other desktop and mobile programs to discover your favorite music and suggest similar songs. streams music from Spotify by default, but you may also do it through YouTube if you’d like. 

In addition, lets you make your own radio stations and playlists and provides personalized suggestions based on your listening habits. The site is a fantastic resource for finding new music and broadening your musical horizons. It also lets you connect with other music fans and see what they listen to. The Scrobbler API for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android can be downloaded from the official website if your software media player does not already support Scrobbler.

Last fm Not Scrobbling

Users who depend on to keep track of their music listening habits may find it bothersome because the Spotify desktop client doesn’t appear to scrobble to A few possible fixes for this problem include reconnecting and disabling your Spotify account’s connection to, ensuring that both programs are current and running the most recent versions, clearing both Spotify’s and’s cache and cookies, and contacting the support teams for both platforms. 

Clearing things up by disconnecting and rejoining the app to your Spotify account and deleting the app from your list of permitted applications before reconnecting to Spotify should help.

To accurately track music listening habits, ensuring all the required parameters are in place is crucial. Additionally, it could be worthwhile to see whether Spotify or services have any known problems or outages that might be hurting scrobbling. 

If the issue continues, you might try contacting both service support departments for more help. It is worthwhile to troubleshoot any scrobbling-related difficulties because keeping track of your music listening history may be a fun and instructive method to find new artists and revisit old favorites.

Last fm Not Scrobbling

FAQs | Last fm Not Scrobbling

Are scrobbles still used today?

Millions of recordings are scrobbled daily, and some people have even discovered techniques to scrobble vinyl albums and radio broadcasts. 

Is Worth Your Time?

The once-reliable streaming music provider has become a buggy beta with few essential features. Try it out if you enjoy scrobbling and learning about upcoming events.

Is accessible without Spotify Premium?

It is not necessary to have a Pro subscription to listen to music on the platform. A membership is no longer necessary to play music on the site because we now use Spotify and YouTube as the playback sources for all music, including comparable artists and customized radio.

Closure | Last fm Not Scrobbling

Due to navigational issues, a lack of lyrics, and live programming, has severely lagged behind its competitors. But it is something that the new website aims to change. The new interface’s user-friendly, sleek, and modern style makes finding your favorite performers and songs simple. 

Adding lyrics and live material has given the site a new dimension and made it more interesting for music listeners. Overall, the revamped is a decent development that maintains the service competitive with its rivals. Tell us your thoughts about it. Your visit means a lot to us.

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