Why Can’t I See Lyrics On Spotify? | 6 Quick Fixes

Do you also listen to your favorite songs while viewing their lyrics? Well, many of us do. But sometimes, you may not get the lyrics while scrolling it down. And like everyone else, you ask, “Why Can’t I See Lyrics On Spotify?” It is a widespread issue that many of us face. So, here I’ll be sharing its possible reasons for vanishing and solutions to fix it.

Why Can’t I See Lyrics On Spotify? | What’s Wrong?

Before delving into what’s wrong with your Spotify lyrics, let us first glance at Spotify’s journey of kicking off this feature and what its updates are.

Spotify’s Lyrical Journey

It was only in 2016 that Spotify introduced the lyrical feature after a partnership with Genius that provided lyrics and general trivia about the tunes, artists, and other commentary along with the songs. However, the app discontinued this feature through Genius, which you may know as Behind The Lyrics

spotify lyrics

Then came the real-time lyrics feature when Spotify’s feedback forum saw many users suggesting the same. In 2021, Musixmatch, supporting real-time synced lyrics, signed a deal with Spotify that Free and Premium users globally can access.

How To See Spotify Lyrics On-Screen?

If you also wonder how to put lyrics on Spotify, follow these directions to make it visible on your favorite screen. 


Both Android and iPhone users can use the lyrics this way. You need to open the Spotify app and select a song of your choice. Tap the play button, and then you can see the song playing. Now, tap on the song bar below to see the lyrics. You can even expand it by clicking on the icon on the right.

spotify lyrics on phone


To view the lyrics on your laptop or PC, view Spotify web player or your existing downloaded app. Choose a song, hover your cursor towards it, and click to play. You can spot a microphone icon in the “Now Playing” bar below. It says “lyrics,” you tap it to open the lyrics feature on the Spotify Desktop App.

spotify lyrics on laptop


The SpotifyTV app makes it a great way to listen to songs and view lyrics on your TV. Open the app on your TV and select a song through your remote. The selection covers your entire screen; the “show lyrics” option is on the bottom right. 

How do you Enable Lyrics on Spotify?

There are three ways to enable your lyrics on Spotify. But why do lyrics disappear in the first place? Let us know the issues behind it.

The Possible Issues

  • Your lyrics may take some time to appear as the app constantly updates its information in real-time, resulting in a sudden glitch. Usually, it resolves, but a faulty install or a bug may slow down the process on a desktop like Windows 11.
  • Issues crop up when you do not use the updated version of the app. Plus, you may have the lyrics feature off in your app’s settings or even a poor internet connection. All of them need to show you the lyrics.
spotify only for premium
  • If you have large playlists with thousands of songs, then the issue of lagging is expected in your mobile or desktop apps. 
  • The feature of displaying lyrics in a region or on your screen varies depending upon the agreements with the rights holders and between the markets. Plus, not all the songs show lyrics, but new lyrics are added so that you may spot them soon. 

Six Ways To Fix It

Apart from the “rights” issue of not displaying the lyrics, the other problems are generally technical and need a quick fix from your end. Let’s see them!

  1. Uninstall and Reinstall: You may need to do it to avail the app’s latest version. Uninstall the app and reinstall it after a few minutes.
  1. Log Out: Log out of your account on the platform where you cannot see the lyrics. You may sign in later to see whether the issue isn’t there anymore.
spotify log out
  1. Delete Some Playlists: Remove some songs from your playlist or delete a few to reduce the app’s load. It may help you view the lyrics in a few cases.
  1. Secure the Internet Connection: Ensure that you have a stable Internet connection.
  1. Clean Reinstall: If you still cannot see lyrics on Spotify after an update, perform a Clean Reinstall as it clears out the cache. Before you reinstall, use a legitimate device cleaner app to ensure that it removes all the remaining files.
  1. Customer Care: Reach out to customer care at “Spotify Support,” log into your account and contact them. You can also join the active Spotify community, where users share similar issues and find their answers.
spotify clear cache

And lastly, keep an eye on Spotify’s server; that may go down, causing your lyrics to disappear. Their Twitter (now, X) “Spotify Status” account will give you timely updates on its server’s performance.

 FAQs | Why Can’t I See Lyrics On Spotify? 

Why can’t I see lyrics on Spotify Premium?

There are several reasons why you cannot see lyrics on Spotify Premium. Note that the lyrics feature is available to both Free and Premium users. Check if you use the updated version of the app. You may view all other causes of not seeing the lyrics above.

Why can’t I see some songs on Spotify?

It may be because of the artist or the record label that discontinued hosting its song on Spotify. Many pieces are unavailable in your region, and thus, you can’t see them. To unlock them, use a VPN to change the location.


Does Spotify have a karaoke feature?

Yes, Spotify has a Karaoke feature that allows you to sing along to the lyrics of your favorite songs. Try to match the pitch and tone of the music as much as you can to enjoy a higher score on a scale of 0 to 100 in the end. Have the latest Spotify update on your phone to avail of the feature. Some of you may not still benefit from it, as rolling it out to all is ongoing.

Why are songs in Spotify grayed out?

The expired license agreements between the app and record labels to continue playing the songs may gray out some tunes, making them untappable. The unavailability of a song in your region or removed songs from Spotify also grays a few contents on your playlist. But check your internet connection and blocked songs to ensure none of them is causing the grayout. 

Here’s more for Spotify enthusiasts:

Closure | Why Can’t I See Lyrics On Spotify? 

As we traversed Spotify’s lyrical history, its uses on different devices, and how to activate its lyrical feature, I hope you are now clear on why lyrics disappear from your screen and how you can fix them. You can join the Spotify community to know and address similar issues and leverage your experience using the app. 

Leave your queries below, and we will reply to them soon.

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