How to Get Spotify Karaoke Mode In 2024?

Have you heard about the Spotify karaoke mode? Yes, Spotify rolled out a new feature known as karaoke mode last year. Since its introduction, musicophiles have been thrilled to find this feature on their Spotify app.

Spotify Karaoke Mode

Isn’t it a fun feature to use? Earlier, organizing a sing-along session would require arranging for a special setup, including a karaoke machine, microphone, etc. But with Spotify’s new feature, all people need is their smartphone and the Spotify app.

So, this blog will educate you on using the Spotify karaoke feature. We are also covering the fixes for you if the Spotify karaoke mode stops working.

What is the Spotify Karaoke Mode? | All You Need to Know!

The karaoke feature on the Spotify app allows users to sing along with the songs that are playing on the app. Users can view the lyrics on the screen and sing the song out loud. As the device’s microphone catches your voice, the Spotify audio analyzer feature will present you with an accuracy score. You will be rated between 0 and 100 after each song. 

Spotify Karaoke Mode

In karaoke mode, the app removes the original singer’s voice while you’re singing along with musical tunes. This feature invites active participation from users.

How do I Access and Use the Spotify Karaoke Mode?

The karaoke feature on Spotify is now live globally. Those who could not access it earlier can now access the feature and use it as per their will. What would it take to enjoy the karaoke feature?

You will need to have the latest version of Spotify on your device. You might want to get the latest version if you don’t have the latest version right now.

The karaoke mode is available to iOS as well as Android users. Also, the most wonderful part of this feature is that it is available for those in the free plan as well as those in the premium program.

Head to the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to obtain the latest version. Click on the search tab to find the Spotify app, and check to find out if there is an update tab for you. You will see the Open app option instead of the Update tab if you already have the latest version.

Most of us already have the feature, yet if someone does not, they might have to wait some more time. You can still have your own karaoke list; prepare it while you have time, and when the karaoke feature comes live, you can start using your lists.

In the next segment, we will tell you how to use the Spotify karaoke feature.

Steps to Use the Karaoke Feature on Spotify

If you are already using it in your location or waiting to use the karaoke mode, knowing the steps to use it can benefit you.

  • The first step is to sign in to your Spotify account.
  •  Next, go to the song you wish to listen to by searching your lists or using the search box.
  •  Keep scrolling through the song to stop at the lyrics section.
  •  Click on the sing button in the lyrics segment.
  •  Then, choose the microphone icon present in the top-right corner of the screen. 
spotify sing button
  •  This will activate the karaoke mode.
  •  You can start singing when you no longer hear the singer’s voice and only the musical instruments in the background.
Steps to use the karaoke feature on Spotify
  •  You can sing along with the song yourself with the help of the music and the lyrics.
  •  The exciting part of the Spotify karaoke feature is that it will give you a scorecard at the end of your performance. Your singing is rated as per their metrics.
spotify karaoke score

Troubleshooting Tips for Spotify Karaoke Mode Not Working

If you haven’t updated the Spotify app, you may encounter the Spotify karaoke mode not working problem. Here is how you can overcome the error.

Update the Spotify App

To have seamless access to the karaoke feature, you must ensure your Spotify app is updated to its latest version. Follow the below instructions for an iOS or Android device.

For iOS

  • Head to the App Store and search for Spotify.
  • Then, hit the Update button.
app update

For Android

  • Go to Google Play and search for Spotify.
  • Alternatively, hit the image icon on the upper left side of the screen.
  • Now, from the menu, choose ‘Manage apps & devices.’
  • Hit the Updates available option.
  • Scroll down to find Spotify and update it.

Apart from the abovementioned problem, you might be experiencing ad interruptions or low sound quality issues. The only way to get rid of ad interruptions or low sound quality issues is by upgrading to Spotify premium plans. Depending on your region, the Spotify Premium plans may differ. So, you can choose a plan per your budget and enjoy singing along to your favorite music.

Frequently Asked Questions | Spotify Karaoke Mode

Does Spotify have karaoke mode?

Yes, karaoke mode is currently available on Spotify. Most of us are capable of using it on our devices. The feature went live last year and was available first to only a few English-speaking countries. Slowly, however, it became available to people in every country.

Does Spotify have karaoke tracks?

Spotify released the karaoke tracks, and anyone can work around them. Spotify karaoke tracks come with the option to help you sing. When you click the “sing” button and turn on the mic, you’ll no longer hear the singer’s voice but only the instrumental part. Add your voice by closely reading the lyrics.

Spotify Karaoke Mode

How do I enable karaoke on Spotify?

You will need to follow a few steps to enable the karaoke feature on Spotify.

  1. Sign in to your Spotify account and search for your song.
  2. Once you find the song, scroll down to the lyrics section.
  3. Click on the sing button placed over the lyrics segment.
  4. Once you no longer hear the singer’s voice, start adding your voice.
  5. After you finish singing the whole song, you will get a rating card with your score and rating.

How does the sing feature on Spotify work?

If the song you have chosen has a karaoke feature, you will be able to see the sing button. It will have a microphone icon, and you can sing along with it. The karaoke mode will analyze your singing and rate you out of 100 while using the microphone on your device.

Concluding Lines

A karaoke session organized during a house party or a weekend trip is an excellent way to have fun. Whether you are singing along with your friends and family, having an easy karaoke setup has long been desired. Here is Spotify’s karaoke mode to help you enjoy a sing-along session, saving you the hassle of setting up complex instruments.

You have discovered how to use the karaoke feature in this blog post. Now, all you need to do is update Spotify on your smartphone and enjoy the feature anytime and anywhere. You are also aware of what to do if you encounter the Spotify karaoke mode not working error. Subscribe to our blog for more exciting updates from the world of Spotify.

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